Environmental Policy

We are committed to sound environmental management, and to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We promote a workplace in which all employees are properly trained to comply with environmental requirements and the Company’s voluntary environmental improvement commitments.

We are committed to pollution prevention and the continual improvement of our environmental performance.
We commit to reduce to the maximum practical extent the release of contaminants into the environment, first through pollution prevention (material substitution and source reduction), then recycling, and finally through environmentally sound waste disposal.

We employ management systems and procedures designed to prevent activities and/or conditions that pose a threat to human health, safety, or the environment, and we work to minimize our impact on the environment.
We will communicate our commitment to environmental quality to our employees, suppliers, customers, and external stakeholders.

We measure our progress and review our efforts on an annual basis. We continuously seek opportunities to improve the facility’s environmental performance, including areas not subject to regulation.

Management at all levels of APCO Engineering Pty Ltd is responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated and adhered to by all employees and subcontractors, and that it is made available to interested members of the public.